Authentic Mentoring

Mentoring sessions with Jane invites one to presence and awareness of what is, and what needs doing.


Jane is a passionate person who believes life is very simple, full of wonder and that each and every human being is an expression of that wonder. Her own journey of seeking and seeing this wonder in herself and others formally started in the late 90’s, when she commenced participating in transformational work in Durban, South Africa.

Over the past twelve years she has been committed to the exploration and enquiry of consciousness, working closely with the teachers and trainers of The Human Touch (which has transformed and emered as truePoint Foundation for conscious emergence). This work has taken her to Mauritius, Zimbabwe and all major cities in South Africa, where she facilitated and assisted in this deep consciousness based teachings. In this time, Jane qualified as a Life Line Counselor.

Her commitment to consciousness opened the way for participation in the work of Richard Moss, in France and Melissa Michaels of Surfing The Creative, in Boulder, USA. Together, these profound teachings and teachers have been the gift of a solid and integrous foundation, allowing Jane to make the difference in this world as she does today.

Authentic Mentoring with Jane is rich, deep and of immense value. She stands open hearted and compassionately with all of life and is endless in the pursuit of supporting and empowering others. Sacred attention and listening, allowing the client to resolve, through self exploration and realization of what is true and real. Jane is known for connecting people to their essence, and realizing their true value in this world.

Where this has been practiced and experienced daily is living in community with her family. Jane lives with her two beautiful daughters, husband John and other families on a small holding named, Wirikuta. Wirikuta is a dream come true, where practicing the emergence of sustainable living within community is on a daily basis of prime importance. Custodianship of this beautiful, natural part of our world is a privilege that Jane and the community honours.

Welcoming visitors, sharing the simplicity and wonders of life at Wirikuta, (Expressions on home page) engaging conversation that matters and supporting healthy relationship with man and earth is imperative to Jane’s Soul purpose.


I have had the amazing privilege of being in an informal and later formal mentoring relationship with Jane Smith over the period of 2-3 years. What an incredible impact this has had on the way I approach and live my life! Jane is an inspirational woman of immense integrity and deep wisdom. Through her strength, clarity, passion and commitment she has been instrumental in opening my eyes to new ways of being, and in stretching me to reflect and to put intentions and insights into action – in all aspects of life (ranging for example from spirituality, to family life, to career, creativity, relationships, health and decision making).

I have had many profound insights during our conversations, led by her intuitive and insightful questions. Jane has the incredible ability to be very practical about living from Source, and has guided me to explore, come to terms with and celebrate those parts of myself that were driving behaviour and results (positive and negative) in my life and relationships. Through Jane’s strong but gentle guidance and dedication I learned to appreciate and trust my own uniqueness, intuition and qualities, as well as to be responsible and ‘show up’ in totality, all with profound positive impacts on my life, core relationships and career.

The realness of our mentoring relationship and the deep mutual respect and appreciation, has over time also resulted in a strong friendship that now plays an invaluable role in my life.

Elsona Van Huyssteen

I have worked with Jane as a mentor and authentic teacher for many months now. What I have loved and valued most about Jane is her absolute gentleness, and how she holds the space for me to really open up and get clear on the real things I need to work on. She provides the balance of adding valuable insights for me to gain a new level of awareness, and powerful questions that help me get clarity on many breakthrough’s I have needed. She is the most beautiful balance of strength and gentleness, compassion and conviction. I have loved more than anything this journey, and would recommend her to anyone who wished to go this path.

Savannah Steinberg


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